2020 Catch, Photo, Release Derby (CPR)







2020 Catch Photo Release Derby Rules
  1. Open to all HRSTA members
  2. All fish entered must be caught on a boat or from shore with at least one HRSTA member. It is not necessary for every person on the boat to be a member.
  3. All photos entered must be submitted by a HRSTA member to the TourneyX website, tournament “HRSTA-CPR”
  4. Not open to charter captains while operating a charter.
    • a. Exception, if a paying customer is a HRSTA member they may enter the fish.
  5. Beginning May 1st all species qualify to be entered for monthly and AOY tournament.
  6. All fish must be caught in Lake Ontario or its tributaries.
  7. The derby will begin on May 1st and the monthly tournaments will close at midnight of the last day of the respective month
    • MAY – LAKE TROUT starts May 1st ends May 31st
    • JUNE – COHO SALMON starts May 1st ends June 30th
    • JULY – STEELHEAD (RAINBOW TROUT) starts May 1st ends July 31st
    • AUGUST – CHINOOK SALMON starts May 1st ends August 30th
    • a. All photos must be submitted by Midnight.
  8. The winning fish will be the longest fish measured using the supplied Rapala Bump Board and a high resolution camera. The club will supply a laminated “2020 derby card” that must also be in the photo.
  9. The photo must be taken with a high-resolution camera, any foggy, distorted or otherwise unclear images will not be accepted. Verify the ¼” marks can be viewed on the image.
  10. Fish must be placed flat on its side.
  11. The photo must include the entire fish.
  12. The fish may not be manipulated in anyway, do not bend/squeeze/extend the fish to make it longer. You are permitted to hold the fish on the bump board.
  13. The fish must be alive, the eyes of the fish must be visible and if appear to be cloudy/glazed or in anyway signal a dead fish, the fish will be disqualified.
  14. All lengths will be confirmed by the Judge(s)
  15. In the event of a tie breaker the fish submitted first will be the winner.
  16. After taking the photo, we strongly recommend you release the fish.
  17. Only one prize awarded per member.
  18. Members may participate after they have won, and if they win another month they will be noted as winning both species but will only receive one prize. They will receive the highest payout available.
  19. All photos will become the property of HRSTA and may be used in future marketing/educational media.
  20. Anglers may participate in the CPR during participation in other tournaments or events, however participation in CPR may negate their entries in those other events. The angler must be familiar with the rules in the other events ie GOSD
All prizes will be distributed at the Bronte Classic on Sept 12th 2020.

Fish Hawk Angler of the Year (AOY)
- Separate from the Monthly ‘species specific’ tournaments.
- Total length of all 4 species
- one lake trout
- one rainbow trout
- one coho
- one chinook salmon
- Each fish may be caught and entered at ANY TIME during the derby. ie. Lake trout caught in August can be entered
- May enter as many times as you want.
- All other CPR rules not superseded by the above are to be followed

Sail Bonus Prizes
The first 25 Anglers to submit all 4 species will receive a $20 Sail Gift card
Be sure to “CULL” your smallest of each species on the tourneyX dashboard before entering a larger fish of the same species.


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