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Posted on December 18th 2017
The 2017 Pen Derby Results
The 2017 Pen Derby is complete and was a success!

A huge thanks to all those that helped and took part and also to all our great sponsors.

Derby Results
Biggest Fish - Ben Gottfried - $1500

1st Place - Ben Gottfried - $2975
2nd Place - Bill Jackson - $1585
3rd Place - Doug Harasymiw - $890
4th Place - Mo Houwer - BBQ
5th Place - Cam Heal - Tackle Box

1st Place Calcutta - Ben Gottfried - $575
2nd Place Calcutta - Ben Gottfried - $345
3rd Place Calcutta - Mo Houwer - $230

Click here to view photos of the event.

Posted on August 30th 2017
40 Thousand New Permanent Residents
"In April, our President Guy Smith, aka Boomer, in conjunction with Bronte Outer Harbour Marina and the MNRE partnered in the stocking of 40,000 yearling Brown Trout in Bronte Outer Harbour. This welcome addition together with HRSTA's other stocking initiatives will certainly improve fishing and catching opportunities for local anglers!
Join HRSTA and play a part in our conservation efforts!"
Hopefully these will show well.

Guy Smith
HRSTA President

Posted on July 26th 2017
Fish in Schools Halton Program
This spring marked the inception of the FISH (Fish in Schools Halton) Program. Championed by Ben Gottfried and assisted by Garry Kruyff and Ben Carkner of the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association, one hundred grade four students received presentations at the Pineland Public School in Burlington. The presentations were catered to the students' 'Habitats' curriculum and spoke to species dependence on habitat diversity as well as the other initiatives that the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association has implemented.

Salmon both small and large were present on site which inspired the minds of the young students whom were fascinated by the potential growth rate of the Chinook Salmon, reaching over 30 lbs in as little as 3.5 years! The best part, many of these students were shocked to hear that these fish are found immediately south of their school, throughout Lake Ontario and its tributaries!

It was a fulfilling experience for everyone in attendance and we look forward to continuing the program in the future!

Ben Gottfried

Posted on June 8th 2017
The 2017 Salmon Net Penning has Begun!
Our 15,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon are thriving in the waters of the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina following their arrival on Saturday, April 8th. Approximately 160 people were present and participated in the releasing of the Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) into the net pens located at the Marina on Lake Ontario.

This year following the addition of a second pen to the program, we have been successful in reducing the density of the reared Salmon and are well below that of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry standard of 32 grams of fish per litre of water. In fact, we are now taking the opportunity to explore the relationship between density and growth at this level- results to follow!

Within the first few days, the 15,000 new residents of Oakville have settled in nicely and are now feeding aggressively. The stained waters resulting from recent rainfall in the Bronte Creek watershed is ideal for imprinting these fish to the area. Fish weights are comparatively lower than last year upon receipt from the MNRF hatchery, weighing in at an average whopping 4.01 grams each. With four automatic feeders and numerous dedicated volunteers, we're confident we are 'building' a healthier Salmon in Halton Region!

We are excited about the growth in all aspects of our Salmon Net Penning Program, and wish to thank all of our generous volunteers, partners, sponsors and members for their contribution to what has been the best year yet! THANK YOU!

Ben Gottfried
Salmon Net Penning Director

Posted on April 19th 2017
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