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2016 Volunteer of the Year Award
On Saturday November 5th Larry Zimmerman, Information and Technology Director of the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association, was presented with one of two Awards for 2016 Volunteer of the Year. The Award was given primarily for the creation, development and maintaining of the Association website and Facebook.
2016 Bronte Creek Cleanup
On Saturday November 5th members of the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association gathered at Petro Canada Park for the annual Bronte Creek Cleanup. Discarded trash was collected from the Bronte Creek shoreline, bushes, and fields. On a good note, the area was much cleaner this year when compared to last year.
2016 Key Supporter Award
Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association President Guy Smith presented Alan Connolly, the Manager of Bronte Outer Harbour Marina, with our "Key Supporter " award for 2016.

Bronte Outer Harbour has been very supportive of our events and played a major role with the penning of our juvenile Chinook Salmon as well as hosting a fish weigh station for the Great Ontario Salmon Derby.

Many thanks to Alan and Bronte Outer Harbour Marina.
Lake Ontario Management Unit Predator / Prey Status Update
Click on the logo to the left to be taken to a report by Andy Todd of MNRF on the status of Lake Ontario's Predator/Prey.
Click on our logo to the left to be taken to a report from The Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council on the controversy regarding the cut to Lake Michigan stocking.
The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association is holding our first Appreciation Dinner and Dance. We wish to celebrate our many wonderful events that were successful due to our amazing volunteers and members. There will be cocktails, dinner, silent auction, awards and dancing. We hope you will come out and celebrate with us. See the flyer to the left for further details.
2016 Fall Public Information Sessions
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2016 Pen Salmon Derby
The 2016 Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association Pen Salmon Derby was held on Sunday August 21st and was a huge success. This Derby is growing quickly. There were 59 entries, lots of boats fishing and lots of nice Chinook Salmon caught. The winning team, pictured to the left, won the Calcutta which paid out $1100 and took 1st place which paid out $774.

The executive members of the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association wish to thank all of the participants and sponsors for making this a wonderful day for everyone and helping us to move forward with our next Penning which will be in the spring of 2017.
2016 Pen Salmon Derby Update
Updated Pen Salmon Derby flyer which now includes the rain date of Sunday August 28th.
2016 Pen Salmon Derby
The 2016 Pen Salmon Derby is fast approaching. This event is fun for all and also assists the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association to raise funds for our next Salmon Penning. There are cash prizes, 50/50 draw, and free BBQ.

See the flyer here for more details. We hope to see you there!

The 2016 Salmon Penning Season Has Come To A Close
( To see more pictures, go to the Photos section of this website)

The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association has completed another very successful year with almost 15,000 Chinooks released at an average weight of 9.89 g per individual. These fish were released at a larger average size than the 10,000 the club raised and released last year, the inaugural year in 2015. This slightly accelerated growth should give them a great head start to their lives out in Lake Ontario and will imcrease their chances of survival and returning back to Halton Region upon maturity for members, local residents and all anglers to enjoy!
We had a survival rate of 99% this year and an imprinting period of 38 days thanks to the mild temperatures we experienced this spring. The fish were held from April 9 to May 16.

I personally, would like to thank all of the volunteers who made this year's operation such a smooth process, namely Ken Herrington, Bill Jackson, and Bruce Levan all of whom played the integral role of feeding the smolting Salmon. These fine volunteers, along with many others made this operation a success. Without all of your help, this truly could not be done. Thank you.


Ben Gottfried
Salmon Net Penning Director
Midterm Salmon Net Penning Update!
Our 15,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon are thriving in the waters of Bronte Outer Harbour Marina. The cool temperatures we've been experiencing haven't seemed to have slowed down the Salmon as all are looking healthy and feeding aggressively! The stained waters resulting from recent rainfall in the Bronte Creek watershed is ideal for imprinting these fish to the area. Fish weights are comparatively higher than last year and we're confident we're building a better Salmon in Halton Region!

Four hundred individuals were weighed and an average weight of 5.99 grams was documented. The fish arrived on April 9th with an average weight of 4.37 grams. This suggests the average juvenile has grown 1.62 grams in only sixteen days!

When compared to last year, this years fish are heavier overall. In 2015, in the first seventeen days the fish grew 1.92 grams, from 3.57 grams to 5.49 grams. Similar to last year, this year's growth is excellent and with a near 99% survival rate thus far we are approximately half way through what has so far been another successful Salmon Net Penning year in Bronte Outer Harbour Marina! Stay tuned, we will continue to keep you updated!

Ben Gottfried
Salmon Net Penning Director
6th Annual Host A Veteran Fishing Derby
The Annual Veterans Salmon Derby is dedicated to the emotional and physical healing of serving and retired Canadian Military personnel and family members through a fun fishing event on Lake Ontario and related activities. The 6th annual Host a Veteran Fishing Derby takes place on Saturday June 18, 2016. The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association is a proud supporter of this very worthy event. For more information on the derby and contacts, simply click on the picture to the left to be taken to their website.
The 2nd annual Salmon Net Penning is underway in Bronte Outer Harbour marina in Oakville. The event held on Saturday April 9th marked the arrival of the 15,000 baby Chinook Salmon from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry fish culture station in Normandale. The event was a great success and an excellent turnout of volunteers and interested members of the public was present as the 15,000 Salmon were carried by the pail full to the net pen located along the boardwalk at the harbour. The babies will be reared for the next 4 to 5 weeks , allowing for increased growth rates and survivability prior to release into Lake Ontario. While rearing, the Salmon will also imprint to the waters of Bronte Creek during this life phase. The imprinting will cause the fish to associate the biological characteristics of Bronte Creek with the place they were born and as is the biology of the Salmon, they will return to their natal birthplace to repopulate once they've matured during their spawning migration. Volunteer effort along with assistance from sponsorship, cooperation with all applicable levels of government and the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina has made this all possible and we at the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association want to thank everyone that participated and helped in making this stocking of Salmon a great success!

Ben Gottfried
Penning Project Director
Mark Saturday April 9th On Your Calendars
Mark Saturday April 9th on your calendars.
That day is our second "Penning Day".
This is a fun filled event for the entire family. We have 15,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon being delivered around 1:30 in the afternoon. Bring the family out earlier and enjoy the BBQ, then grab a bucket and help us transfer the Salmon from the truck and into the pen. Everyone had a great time last year and it's a wonderful educational event for the children.

Join us at the Bronte Outer Harbour located at 2340 Ontario Street in Oakville (Bronte). Hope to see you there!!
Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry's Report on the Stocking Strategy
Click on the picture to the left to be taken to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry's report on the Stocking Strategy for the Canadian waters of Lake Ontario.
Help Fin Clip The Juvenile Salmon
Hello again!
While we are still looking for volunteers to help with our salmon penning initiative (see previous email sent March 8th), we have another opportunity for our members to get involved.
The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association (HRSTA) is offering the chance for a few volunteers to help fin clip the juvenile salmon at the Normandale hatchery set to occur March 21 to March 23.
If interested in this opportunity, please send your contact information to
Thanks again for your support!

Ben Gottfried
Salmon Net Penning Coordinator
Stocking Strategy for the Canadian Waters of Lake Ontario
Click on the image to left to be taken to a document from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry on the "Stocking Strategy for the Canadian Waters of Lake Ontario."
HRSTA Once Again Rearing 10,000 Juvenile Chinook Salmon
The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association (HRSTA) is once again rearing 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon in the Bronte Harbour Net Pen. HRSTA is looking for reliable volunteers to participate in this 2nd year of Chinook Salmon rearing program in Bronte Harbour in Oakville, ON.

Volunteers are needed for daily feeding activities, water temperature monitoring and general cleaning of the pen. The tasks are simple and only take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete daily. Volunteers will be trained. Morning and evening visits will be split up between several volunteers over the duration of the program in order to distribute the responsibility. The program will run approximately 4 weeks beginning the first week of April.

This is a great opportunity to become involved, support your club and learn about the life cycle of the Chinook Salmon. If interested in helping, please reply to Ben at with your availability to be scheduled and your phone number.

Last year was a great success and we are looking forward to another great year. Many thanks goes out to all of our volunteers that helped with the program last year; especially Ken Herrington, Ken Sweet, and Joe Correia! Thanks Guys!

To all new volunteers, we look forward to hearing from you.


Ben Gottfried
Salmon Net Penning Coordinator
Cormorants Article
The link below is another article concerning the issue with Cormorants.
The Problem With Cormorants
The link below is an article written a few years back but it contains some good information on the growing problem with Cormorants.
HRSTA Annual General Meeting
Dear HRSTA member,
The next Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be again held at Bronte Legion, on Jones St. on Thursday February 18th, 2016 from 7 - 9 pm.
Please feel free to arrive from 530 pm to enjoy a Burger and Beer for less that $10 before the AGM Commences.
Tell all members and potential members to attend. Please spread the news.

The following is the agenda for the AGM:
1. Quorum call;
2. President’s welcome;
3. Adoption of the agenda;
4. Minutes of the previous meeting (2 Feb 20150;
5. Business arising out of the minutes:
   a. Logo Selected;
   b. Membership Fees;
   c. GOSD Weigh Station;
   d. Trial Chinook Penning ;
   e. Bronte Shootout 2015;
   f. Fall Clean Up;
6. Administrative reports:
   a. Chinook Penning;
   b. Membership;
   c. Treasurer: 2015 Financial Report & 2016 Budget Proposal;
   d. Promotion / Print;
   e. Website;
   f. Events.
7. By-laws amendments (if needed);
8. Election for board of directors:
   President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Penning, Events, Website/Communications, Promotion;
9. New Business;
10. Adjournment.

Guy Smith
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