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Salmon Egg Collecting & Fall Meeting
Hello Everyone:
The Credit River Anglers Association has put out a call for help collecting Salmon eggs.
This is a very worthy cause. They need help this Saturday November 7th.
If you can help please contact Joseph Ward at 416-592-0718....they do a great job up the river....providing everyone with fish in the Lake/River.

FALL MEMBERS MEETING (and bring your friends)

Guy Smith
Grass Carp captured in Bay of Quinte
On the morning of September 14, 2015 a single Grass Carp was captured in the Bay of Quinte in eastern Lake Ontario by a commercial fishing vessel in a trap net. The fish was 1.04 m long and weighed 12.7 kg.
The fish was turned over to MNRF’s Lake Ontario Management Unit at the Glenora Fisheries Station. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) was notified and the fish was transported to their Asian Carp lab in Burlington for further analysis.
MNRF deployed two electrofishing boats to the site where the fish was captured (one from Lake Ontario and another from Lake Eire). DFO assisted with netting.
The fish found in the Bay of Quinte was determined by DFO to be a triploid (sterile fish).
The combined effort over three days amounted to 232 staff hours on the water with an additional 144 hours of fishing effort with trap nets. No additional Grass Carp were found in the area.
The Lake Ontario Management Unit will continue to monitor the situation through the regular Bay of Quinte fisheries assessment program including the commercial fishery.
The responsibility for taking action with regards to Asian carp is shared between our ministry and Fisheries and Oceans Canada through a coordinated, multi-jurisdictional approach that was developed to ensure a rapid response can be deployed in the most efficient manner possible, while maximizing the expertise ‎and resources within each organization.
Halton Region Salmon & Trout Association Bronte Shootout/Pen Derby August 23rd
Many of you came out to our first ever "penning" and release of 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon into Lake Ontario this spring. Mark your calendars and come out on August 23rd for a fun filled day fishing, winning prizes, BBQ and helping us raise money for our next Pen Project. The "Bronte Shootout/Pen Derby" is on Sunday August 23rd (bad weather alternate date is Saturday Aug.29) Registration starts at 0600 hours at the boat ramp Bronte Inner Harbour. Lines in the water at 0700. Price is $50 per person with 50% of proceeds going towards our Pen Project. The other 50% goes to cash prizes for 1st,2nd and 3rd place finishes.
We are also asking for help with prizes for our raffle. Please help us make this a successful event for our next penning. If you would like to donate a prize for our event, send us an email or give us a call. We will gladly pick it up and mention you on our site as a proud supporter of the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association.
$100 Reward for Found Salmon & Trout Tags
A Video of our Salmon

A video of our Salmon.
Created by Ben Gottfried
"Days of Gold" Performed by Jake Owen
First ever allotment of Salmon penned in Bronte Harbour
Saturday May 9th, marked the final sunrise over the first ever allotment of Salmon penned in Bronte Harbour. The 10,000 Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) were reared for four weeks within the safety of the net pen and fed by the luxury of automatic feeders, however like the old saying goes, "all good things must come to an end". The energetic and sometimes acrobatic fish quickly grew on those looking after them but on the 9th of May, they were released to swim freely in Lake Ontario to fend for themselves. The 10,000 juvenile fry first entered the net pen on April 11th and in somewhat of a celebration the aspirations of all those involved seemed to become anything but "fishy".
The reality of the first net pen stocked with fish in Bronte Harbour quickly became a success story for the Region of Halton, the Town of Oakville, Conservation Halton, the Ministry of Natural Resources, and the host of the pen, the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina. The effort spurred by the local volunteer Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association (HRSTA) and their pen sponsors (Suncor, All Tool Manufacturing Inc, Straitline Anglers, and Dillon Consulting), was an opportunity for education and public awareness, as well as diversifying the means by which the sustainability of the sport fishery of the Chinook salmon species is managed in Halton Region on Lake Ontario.
The time spent within the net pen enabled the fish to "imprint" whereby they familiarize themselves with the biology of their natal stream, in this case Bronte Creek which contributes to the flow present in the Bronte Outer Harbour Marina. As the salmon grow, they will mature in Lake Ontario for the pelagic portion of their life cycle and through an extraordinary process, once mature and ready to spawn, these fish have the ability to return home to the stream they were born to reproduce and re-populate prior to dying after spawning only once.
During the approximate four week period of which the fry were confined to the safety of the pen, volunteers from the HRSTA saw them grow from an average individual weight of 3.57 g on April 11th, to 5.49 g on April 28th, and finally to a hefty mass of 7.09 g on May 9th. This accelerated growth rate provides the fish an increased opportunity for survival when compared to individuals slightly smaller or less healthy, as once they have entered the natural environment they will be subject to predation from birds, other fish species and mammals.

Although a one year pilot program, the success of the Bronte penning has many anticipating a subsequent penning in the spring of 2016 to build on the success in hopes of providing further education, increased public interaction, and a diversified sport fishery for the fishermen and women of Lake Ontario in Halton Region.

Ben Gottfried
Net Pen Coordinator
10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon ready for release
On April 11th the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association held a major event when volunteers assisted in transferring our 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon into a pen located in the waters of Bronte Creek. The fish were monitored and fed several times a day for the past 4 weeks. The fish are now imprinted with the Bronte Creek water and will return in years to come to spawn. Now they are ready to be released. This event will take place Saturday May 9th at 4 PM down at Bronte Outer Harbour. This will be another great family event and all are welcome. Our President, Guy Smith, is making his 42 foot Grand Banks boat available and has offered to take a limited number of people out to witness the release.
The Annual Veterans Salmon Derby
News - May 6 (2015)
The Annual Veterans Salmon Derby is dedicated to the emotional and physical healing of serving and retired Canadian Military personnel and family members through a fun fishing event on Lake Ontario and related activities. The 5th annual Host a Veteran Fishing Derby takes place on Saturday June 13, 2015. The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association is a proud supporter of this very worthy event.
For more information on the derby and contacts, simply click on the picture to the left to be taken to their website.
Midterm juvenile Salmon update
News - May 1 (2015)
After successful entry into the net pen on April 11th, the 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon are thriving in the waters of Bronte Creek and Lake Ontario. At day 17 of the approximate 4 week rearing period, the well fed individuals have increased in mass from an average of 3.57g to a hearty average of 5.49g. They are actively feeding and showing signs of great health. We will continue to update you with the success of the program.
10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon Article
News - April 23 (2015)
Janet Bedford covered the story of our 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon arriving and being transferred to the pen on April 11th.
Click on the picture to the left to see the article in the Oakville News.
Help & Support Thanks
News - April 11 (2015)
The video (n/a) is of our Association President, Guy Smith, as he acknowledges the help and support of the many people and organizations that helped make our first "Penning Day" a reality and success.

A special thank you goes out to Suncor Energy for their very generous financial donation towards our Salmon Pen and to All Tools Manufacturing for their expertise in constructing it.
HRSTA First Penning Day
News - April 11 (2015)
The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association (HRSTA) held our first "Penning Day" yesterday. We had a very good turnout of members and quite a number of local people who became members and also helped us put our salmon into the Pen. Everyone enjoyed the coffee, donuts, soft drinks and hot dogs. The 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon were delivered by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry around 2 PM. Everyone, including Regional and Town Councillor Sean O'Meara and Councillor Ralph Robinson helped by carrying buckets of fish to the pen. The day was a huge success. Special thanks go out to our President Guy Smith who has worked for several years organizing and obtaining permissions and permits to make this happen. Also very special thanks to Ben Gottfried, our Pen Project Leader. We could not have come this far without Ben's expertise and leadership. Now the fish will be monitored and fed several times a day for between 4 and 5 weeks. While in the pen, the fish will be "imprinted" by the waters of Bronte Creek. Then they will be released into Lake Ontario to return in about 4 years to spawn. For more pictures of the event, see the "photos" section of this website.
Receiving our 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon
News - April 10 (2015)
Everything is all set for Saturday April 11th..tomorrow! We will be receiving our 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon tomorrow between 1-3 PM. The HRSTA is inviting everyone to come down to the Bronte Outer Harbour at 2340 Ontario Street Oakville. Enjoy the coffee, donuts, hotdogs and help us put all of these Salmon into our Pen. A fun and rewarding event for the whole family!!
Chinook Salmon Pen is complete!
News - April 8 (2015)
The construction has been completed for the Pen that will house our 10,000 juvenile Chinook Salmon. Check out our photo page for more pictures and check back here for further details regarding date and time for the delivery of the salmon.
General Meeting
News - March 25 (2015)
A General Meeting has been called for Monday April 13th, 7pm at the Bronte Legion located at 79 Jones street in Oakville Ontario. We would like to see as many of our members at the meeting as possible. Also, if you are interested in joining the Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association, come out to the meeting. You can meet other members , get updates on what we are doing, and sign up with us.
HRSTA Is Looking For Members
News - February 21 (2015)
The Halton Region Salmon & Trout Association is looking for members. If you share our passion to protect and encourage the growth of the Salmon and Trout population in Halton Region's waters, why not become a member of our Association. We are doing just that. Membership is $40 for one person and $60 for a family. You will receive baseball caps and t-shirts bearing our logo. Just send us an email through this website and we will get you signed up.
First Penning Day Date Set
News - February 20 (2015)
A date has now been set for our first Penning Day. On Saturday April 11th 2015, 10,000 juvenile Salmon will be put into a pen in the waters of the Bronte Outer Harbour located at 2340 Ontario Street in Oakville Ontario. A time is yet to be determined. If you would like to volunteer with HRSTA, or you would like to help us on Penning Day putting the young salmon into the pen, send us an email or give us a call.
Permission To Rear Salmon Granted
News - February 16 (2015)
The Halton Region Salmon and Trout Association (HRSTA) has made significant progress through liaison with the Town of Oakville, Conservation Halton and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF). We have been granted permission to rear juvenile Salmon within the Oakville Harbour to promote the local fishery within Lake Ontario. The HRSTA has worked diligently to navigate the process for gaining this permission in an effort to bring back the Salmon which in turn benefits a wide demographic within the Halton Region. We are set to house the 10,000 juvenile Salmon in a 'net pen' which is slated for placement within the Oakville Harbour beginning of April 2015. As timing is critical, HRSTA is seeking local support.
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